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Ecological sports ice (liquid room temperature sports ice)

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Fujian Ai Cold Ice Sports Center Site planning Operation mode Teaching system The case shows
The third generation of curling
AI cold
Snow sports landing on campus
2021.6.30 Provincial Brand Building Promotion Association
2021.6.18 Club opened
Hockey Coach Wang Can
Wang Ziyue, Head Coach of Golden Eagle Club Curling
Wanjufu & TEAM CHINA strategic cooperation
2021.7.29 Xinyu City Visiting Group
2021.7 Community Team Building
2021 Fuzhou Darts Sports Association celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party
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Wanjufu Ice and Snow Sports Technology Co., Ltd., based on Beijing's successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing has become the only city in the world to host the Summer and Winter Olympics at the same time. The successful bid for the Winter Olympics means that China will accelerate the development of ice and snow sports from then on Wan Jufu implemented the national policy of “Northern Ice South Development, West Expansion and East Advancement” at the first time, and responded to the call of “I want to promote China’s ice and snow sports through the Winter Olympics”, invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and successfully developed the “ecological movement”. "Ice" (liquid room temperature sports ice), the ice rink is a kind of modified polymer as a carrier, poured on-site, keeping the temperature at room temperature, can save energy consumption, control carbon emissions, contribute to environmental protection, the ecological sports field is The use of new sports ice rink materials to meet the needs of professional sports. It is a new type of sports ice rink that can be used everywhere in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the whole area of the south and the north, and indoors and outdoors. It uses conventional professional ice sports equipment and does not require any water and electricity consumption. , Simple maintenance. It can be widely used in figure skating, ice hockey, curling, ice slides and other ice sports. It can be used as professional ice athlete training, ice and snow stadium operation training, school ice and snow sports teaching, public ice and snow sports and leisure entertainment. The comprehensive development of ice and snow sports has laid the foundation for product guarantee. The construction of ice and snow venues does not require water and electricity consumption, so that people all over the country can participate in ice sports, enjoy ice sports, and develop ice sports at any time and anywhere throughout the country, indoors and outdoors, so as to provide for the comprehensive development of national ice and snow sports. A firm product guarantee.

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